Flying Monsters 3D

For thousands of years, humans have believed that there were once flying monsters. But did they really exist beyond our nightmares?


220 million years ago, as dinosaurs were beginning their domination of Earth, another group of reptiles was also about to make an extraordinary leap: pterosaurs were taking control of the skies. The story of how and why these mysterious creatures took to the air is more fantastical than any fiction.

In Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough, the world’s leading naturalist sets out to uncover the truth about the extraordinary pterosaurs, whose wingspans of up to 40 feet were equal to those of modern day jet planes.

With the aid of world-leading scientists and state of the art 3D CGI, Attenborough takes us into the world of the pterosaur and reveals the incredible story of their evolution. It’s a story that unfolds in such stunning locations as New Mexico, the Jurassic Coast of Britain, an ancient pterosaur landing site in France and a fossil pit in Germany, where near perfect pterosaur specimens have been found. In many ways the story of the pterosaur is the story of every creature that has ever flown.


Versions: 1 x 67, 1 x 56, 1 x 48 mins


Theatrical, Science, Nature, Attenborough, Series, 3D


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