Hannibal: Enemy of Rome

Uncovering the true story of how one man led a formidable elephant army across the Alps against the might of the Roman Empire.


Hannibal's name is synonymous with one thing: crossing the Alps with an army of elephants. But why did he do it, what motivated him? How did he crush the biggest army Rome had ever assembled in battle, yet lose the war? How did a man who made a boyhood pledge to his father to destroy Rome become the touchstone of the Roman Empire? Why is he still considered one of the most brilliant commanders in history, when he died by his own hand, hunted down by the Romans, an outcast amongst his own people?

Using the latest research and cutting-edge visual effects, this film captures the remarkable story of one of the greatest military commanders of all time. Hannibal launched one of the most audacious military offensives ever, bringing Rome to its knees and transforming the western world. Driven by honour, glory and a determination to fulfil his father’s legacy, Hannibal’s personal struggle took him on an epic journey. With his unique army including 37 battle elephants, Hannibal crossed the Alps in the middle of winter and crushed every army Rome threw at him, culminating in the ‘perfect battle’ of Cannae.


1 x 92 mins


Ancient Worlds, Special


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