Tomb Builders: Secrets Of The Valley Of The Kings

Shedding new light on a 3,000 year old mystery of the Valley of the Kings, this documentary gives a breathtaking insight into the masterbuilders of the ancient world.


Cut deep into the Valley of the Kings lie the tombs of Ramses the Great, Tutankhamun, Seti, Queen Nefertiti, and all of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom. For 3000 years the secrets of how and why the Egyptians made this subterranean labyrinth have been lost to the realms of history. Until now…

This documentary special plunges deep underground, applying cutting edge technology to crack the mystery behind the construction of the most sacred site in all of Egypt. This is also the dramatic tale of how modern scientific techniques are revealing huge new tombs hidden for thousands of years.

Combining state of the art computer imaging of the whole valley, stunning dramatic reconstruction, and top expert testimony, the film uncovers the engineering and architectural secrets of the ancient builders and tells the tale of the intrepid scientists who made these crucial discoveries.


1 x 50 mins


Ancient Worlds, Science, Special


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