Unearthing Ancient Secrets

Using the latest advances in archaeology, criminology and forensics, experts provide fascinating insights into moments in history and re-investigate the mysteries of the past.


In this series leading scientists from around the world use modern techniques to re-examine myths and mysteries that have fascinated and puzzled us for centuries. New forensic techniques help to resolve mysteries about the lives of some of the greatest figures in history, and radically alter our understanding of the past...

Episode titles:

Series 1:
Alexander the Great: A Case of Murder?, The Unsolved Death of Cleopatra, Secrets of the Great Plague, Jack the Ripper, Who Killed Julius Caesar?, Khubilai Khan's Lost Fleet and True Gladiator.

Series 2:
King Tut's Mysterious Death and The Sphinx Unmasked.

Series 3:
Egypt's Animal Mummies, Engineering Ancient Egypt, Engineering Ancient Rome, Secrets of the Valley of the Kings and The Search for Sheba.


13 x 50 mins


Crime, Ancient Worlds, History / Current Affairs, Series


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