The Assassination of King Tut

aka Who Killed Tutankhamun?

Former FBI detectives use modern investigative techniques to identify the real cause of Tutankhamun death- was it natural causes or was it murder?


In a tale of religious revolution and political intrigue this documentary brings the tools of modern homicide investigation to one of the greatest riddles of the ancient world. Two former FBI detectives reopen the casebook on the murder of Tutankhamun, tracking down his killer in a compelling murder mystery.

The death of the legendary Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun at just 19 years old is a mystery that has baffled Egyptologists, scientists and archaeologists for 3500 years. FBI detectives Cooper and King, with their use of the latest crime scene investigation techniques, investigate how Tut really died. Drawing upon a virtual 3D body of the boy king, footage of the expedition and CT scans, the film will seek to unravel the truth about the cause of Tut’s death.


1 x 105 mins


Crime, Ancient Worlds, Special


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